Welcome to the website of the company TRANS-SPEDIT s.r.o.

We offer services in both international and domestic truck transport

We deal with services in international and domestic truck transport. We are able to provide transport throughout the whole European Union, if necessary we also provide transportation outside the territory of the member states. The average age of our vehicles is 2 years and all are equipped with monitoring systems. On-line monitoring and communication between drivers and dispatchers is a matter of course.

Tarpaulin-covered trucks

We are able to provide transport of various goods across Europe by our curtain side semi-trailers.

Tipping vehicles, side tipping vehicles, walking floors

We also offer transportation by tipping vehicles and side tipping trucks. All vehicles have a pallet width and are equipped with a dispensing window. The vehicles are equipped with dust proof sleeves. We also have trailers with sliding floor (walking floors).

Since 2009, we are holders of a GMP B4.1 certificate.

We have expanded our services to include car repair and tire service for trucks and buses

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