Tipping vehicles, side tipping vehicles, walking floors

  • We provide domestic and international transport
  • Transportation of bulk material (agricultural commodities, fertilizers, metal and non-metallic scrap, wood chips, coal, building materials, waste)
  • We own tipping trailers (45-70cbm), side tipping trucks and trailers and trailers with sliding floor (Walking floors) (90cbm)
  • Our priorities are to provide services at the highest possible level and satisfaction of our customers
  • Thanks to reliable workers who have rich experience in transport, we provide our customers with individually tailored logistics solutions
  • Transportation is carried out by experienced drivers, the vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation systems with tracking of each vehicle as well as your cargo.
  • Periodically, we renew our fleet, to ensure the quality and reliability


On 2nd February 2009, we became the holder of the GMP B4.1 certificate for feed transporting.

If you want to learn more about our possibilities and prices, please call us or send us an e-mail.

Radek Musil - phone: (+420) 731 616 670 - e-mail: musil@trans-spedit.cz

Martin Krutek - phone: (+420) 725 885 552 - e-mail: krutek@trans-spedit.cz

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